I am so happy you’ve arrived. It is my greatest desire that your being here will brighten your world, open your heart and offer you an opportunity to transform your life to whatever extent you desire.

It seems that we all establish boundaries for ourselves. Here’s a chance for you to extend them and create open space, to grow and to reveal the truth that lies within you.

My aim is to build a community together. A sacred space where it is safe to open your heart and feel free to say whatever needs expression in you or to ask any questions you have. A community where there is hope and inspiration which is practical and useful in your life.

My intention is to create a new post each Sunday. I encourage you to consider reading and responding with your thoughts, experiences and questions. I see this as a way for us to get to know each other and have a relationship. I will read all of what you write and then share my collective response each Thursday.

I realize we all face obstacles and challenges and this seems especially true in our current environment. We may feel a sense of separation, even isolation. We may feel (god) is not very present in our lives or that we can not accept the way the world works and how unfair life can feel. Our attention may be pulled in too many directions, causing us to feel overwhelmed and anxious. We may even feel that we have no real control over anything. This is a hard place to live from, BUT, it is also important to realize there is always hope and we can offer each other comfort, support and love.

I want to share with you my belief that we always have a choice. I believe we are directly and deeply connected to our source, our spirit. You can insert whatever name you use or that feels right to you, for now I’ll use (god).

I believe one of the reasons I am here on earth is to share my love and offer what has been revealed to me through my conversations with (god). One resource for this is my book, talking with (god), which is dedicated to providing insight, both mine and that of many others. It also provides a simple, practical process to help readers create or enhance their relationship with (god). For more information about this, please open the BOOKS page on this website.

And there is this blog. It too is a part of why I am here. I want to provide you with a respite and a few moments of quiet time, with a chance to breath in and out and slooowwww down.  I want you to have an opportunity to shift your focus and to take in some spiritual nourishment. And beyond that, time to go inside yourself and see how deep you truly are. And then, if you choose it, to speak the truth you find, sharing it with us, your sacred community.

Thank you for choosing to come along on this divine journey with me.

7 Replies to “Welcome”

  1. Hey Dad! I’m greatly looking forward to following your weekly posts on here and seeing your interactions with everyone. It’s very cool you’ve created an outlet to allow for easy exchanges and to get your thoughts in front of more people. Love you!


  2. Hey Dad! I’m so excited you’ve created this space to allow for easy exchanges with others and to get your thoughts, creativity, and wisdom in front of more people. I’m greatly looking forward to reading your weekly posts and seeing your interactions with others. Love you!


    1. Hi Tommy, sorry for the delay in responding. It’s been very challenging with the power outage for 47 hours, taking care of grandmother, working on straightening out the website, throwing out the whole refrigerator contents and buying all new stuff. I’m so happy to think you might be reading my posts and sharing my journey. Super to have you along. Love you too.
      PS I fixed a lot of the website BY MYSELF…what a good feeling! Looking forward to FaceTime later…your Technodad


  3. Ahhh!, Rob. Your blog is an idea made in heaven! After having taken your workshops and practicing having conversations with (god), I am ready to hear more of what you have to teach me through these blogs and to walk beside you as you walk your walk! Namaste!


    1. Hi Dottie, sorry for the delay in responding. I so appreciate you and your very kind words and I’m REALLY looking forward to being with you tomorrow! See you soon my friend.


  4. Rob,
    These words speak to my soul- and isn’t that the point- One soul helping another? Thank you for your book and your blog! I’m looking forward to joining you on this journey.


    1. Hi Erica, I wanted to respond to each of your post separately. I couldn’t be happier to know that what I wrote connects with you. And yes, I believe it is all about one soul connecting with another. Thank you for joining me.


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