Spiritual Practices

Okay, I admit it. I’m a numbers geek. Maybe you’re one too, but probably not.

I’ve loved numbers for as long as I can remember. As a child I also loved sports and would have my own leagues throughout the year. Of course, I had to play for every team, so I got to experience winning and losing every game.

It taught me that what’s more important, is enjoying the opportunity of playing the game and not whether you win or lose. Part of this essential lesson carried over into my spiritual practices.

Sure, I’m still interested in the numbers, and I do keep track, but I recognize the value is hidden inside of what I gain from each of my practices.

I thought I’d share some of them and maybe one or two might spark something in you. Take good care with any that you choose.

Memories & Ambitions (52+ years and 278 entries)

Since high school I’ve recorded things I’ve wanted to experience in my life…think ‘bucket list’ and you’ll get the idea. Most of them have come true, some probably never will (own a castle on the Rhine).

Donations (43+ years and 1141 donations)

When given freely and generously, both the giver and receiver are blessed. I don’t subscribe to the idea of a tithe (specific percent of income be given, like 10%). Rather, I allow my heart to be my guide.

talking with god (25+ years and thousands of conversations)

I’ve mentioned this practice many times in my posts and the conversations are very real to me. It is a two-way dialogue and the most grounding and centering experience in my life. Thank you, Neal Donald Walsch, for getting me started.

Healing Touch (20+ years and hundreds of treatments)

Participating in an energy treatment and channeling healing to one who needs support is an amazing experience. I’ve seen many miracles occur and always feel a divine connection.

Feelings Journal (8+ years and 2981 daily entries)

Every day since February 20, 2015, I have connected with my feelings and written down some things of value to me. I have never missed one day since I began. That’s how important it is to me. Thank you, Jim Fuller, for helping me begin.

Permission Statements (6+ years and 125 entries)

There is an incredible liberation in writing down permission statements for yourself. Allowing freedom in what you do and how you see the world and deciding the changes you want to make is a truly beautiful thing. Thank you, Tama Kieves, for this practice.

Celebration Journal (5+ years and 26 entries)

I take any situation and find the ‘good’ in it no matter how difficult it might be. Interestingly, many of the entries have been the most challenging experiences in life (physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually). A shout out to John Pease for showing me the value of celebration.

Ask Journal (4+ years and 189 entries)

As of a given moment it became clear to me that I could ask for the help I needed (from god) and receive it. The vast majority of my life, I did not believe this and shifting my perspective has radically improved my life.

Website Posts (2+ years and 257 entries)

I love being able to share what feels real and important to me, in the hopes that it might be of value to someone who reads it, so I have made sure to stick with my original commitment of writing two Posts each week, even while on vacations.

Here are some others I’ve added during the last year or so.

Gratitude Journal (524 days and 3295 items)

Each morning I write down at least five things I am grateful for.

Thanks, Chris Gentry, for prompting me to engage in this.

Wouldn’t It Be Cool If…(Nov 2021 and intermittent entries)

Completing this statement with whatever comes to you is extremely enlightening and provides a great deal of clarity and freedom. Thanks, Marie Forleo, for this potent suggestion.

Cold Water Exposure (Dec 2022 and 86 days)

I offer myself an opportunity to dramatically enhance my immune system by ending my daily shower with 60 seconds of cold water, both front and back. Thanks, Chris Hemsworth, for this chilling recommendation.

Fasting (Feb 2023 and 5 times so far)

Allowing my body to rid itself of toxins by not eating for a period of 14-16 hours is wonderful for my physical body. I’m new to the practice and will increase the amount of time between meals but am taking it slow at the moment. I do feel the benefits and am happy about them. Another shout out to Chris Hewsworth.

For me, each one of these practices has a spiritual element to it and I’ve profited enormously from engaging in them. Maybe one of them will do the same for you.

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