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It’s wonderful that you’ve arrived here. You may be wondering what this site may bring you. My greatest desire is that this will be a place where you receive hope and inspiration. Something to take with you that makes your world brighter, that opens your heart and that connects you with (god), by whatever name you use. And, even if you have no current relationship or feel distant from (god), my dream is that there is comfort, support and love for you here.

You may want to know a little about me. That’s certainly fair. I’d want to if I were you.

I was born in 1952, grew up in Watertown, NY until my family moved to Delmar, NY in 1961, where I still reside. I graduated from Bethlehem Central High School and from Hartwick College, in Oneonta, NY, where I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion in 1974. My first job was as a janitor, then a maintenance man at the Holiday Inn in Oneonta. It was there that I learned all jobs deserve our respect, especially the ones many people would not want to do themselves.

My wife and I relocated to Delmar, where I began a twenty-five-year career in banking. I had the privilege of working my way through the ranks from part time Teller to Vice President and Regional Sales Manager. I was responsible for the supervisory oversight for twenty of our branches. When the bank’s emphasis changed from customer service to sales, I decided to find a job which focused on providing support to people in need. I found exactly what I was looking for and in January 2001 began working for Catholic Charities Disabilities Services, as their Director of Business Administration. My duties included the oversight of the Finance, Facilities and Technology departments. Working behind the scenes to help provide necessary services for those dependent on others for their care was richly satisfying. It also gave me a profound appreciation for those who provided the direct care services on a daily basis.

I retired in December 2013 and began my most rewarding career, by assisting my wife in caring for our grandchildren who lived locally. Spending time with and getting to know them has been an incredible bright spot in my life.

In addition, I began my writing career in earnest. Please take a look at the BOOKS page on this website for more information.

That gives you some idea about me, but there’s a little more I’d like you to know. I spent a great many years thinking of myself as a ‘spiritual seeker’ and I found enormous rewards along the way. But in 1997 I read a book, Conversations with God, an uncommon dialogue, by Neale Donald Walsch, that inspired an exceptional change in my life. I began having my own personal, intimate, two-way conversations with god. These conversations and the relationship that’s developed, have shifted me in profound and surprising ways. I would now describe myself as a ‘spiritual revealer’. If you’d like to know more of my story, I encourage you to read my book, talking with (god), which you can find a link to on the BOOKS page.

I now invite you to come along on an adventure with me. I promise you it can open the door to your heart and spirit, if that is what you desire and what you choose.

20 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Bravo, Rob, you never cease to amaze and superlatively bless. Warmest congratulations on blessing us all with your website! Hope to see you and Maureeen on the 10th, love and blessings!


    1. Hi Delanne, so sorry for the huge delay in responding to you. I’m so happy you stopped by and I hope you’re enjoying the three posts I have out there, now that you can see them. I miss you and hope that you are well, happy and safe. I think of you often and hope that we can figure out a way to get together. Blessings to you my friend.
      PS…the talking with (god) books should be here early this week. I’ll send you a copy soon after I receive them.


  2. So delighted Rob, to see you sharing your gifts and shining your light and love out to the world through this new website. You are indeed an inspiration! Blessings and Love always…


    1. Hi Gale, so sorry for the delay in responding. What a time we’ve had lately…power outage for 47 hours, watching Kirsten and Evan, taking care of my mom during the power failure, throwing out all of the contents of the refrigerator and buying all new stuff…plus trying to figure out how to manage this website…whew. It’s all good, but still a bit challenging. Steep learning curve for a non techno guy…but SO cool when I get it right. I’m so happy that you came to see the site and I hope you enjoy the posts, now that you can see them. I hope all is well in your life and that you feel the love we send to you. Blessings and more love to you my friend.
      PS…the talking with (god) book should be here early this week. I’ll send you your copy soon thereafter.


    1. Hi Cynthia, it’s so nice to hear from you and I truly appreciate your kind words and knowing that we are still connected. I hope you and your family are all well and I hope you’ll come back here for my posts. Blessings to you, my friend.


  3. Wow this is so wonderful and helpful!! As always I am so very proud of you Dad. I’m so proud of how you freely share your relationship with god with others. What a terrific blessing!


  4. Hello Rob, I bookmarked your website ages ago. I am now browsing your posts regularly. Thank you for holding up the metaphoric “mirror” that I may appreciate more fully the LOVE that is me. Perfect Love is our pre-existing condition–before our ego and the ego thoughts of others obscured the Truth of our being. Again I say, thanks for the reminder.


  5. My Dear Rob..
    ….I adore every word you have shared with us…you awaken so many memories of questions often we ask ourselves. Such a Godsend!!


  6. My dear brother Rob, thank you for inviting us to come through the door you helped open for us to walk with and talk with Our Creator! Thank you Rob for the your sharing of the wisdom in each of your Little Buddha books to inspire and encourage us to see and know we are never alone and we are loved completely or that we can never truly be separated from this Love…for that is what we are!!


  7. Rob,
    It is so great to see that you are continuing to bring positivity into this world. I will forever be grateful for your influence in my life. Keep spreading joy my friend.


  8. Good morning, Rob, and happy new year. I am starting the new year off right by circling back around to your inspiring website and writings. I am so grateful for your generous sharing of the inspiration and wisdom that comes through you, and your big hearted, generous presence in our community and world. I am looking forward to more regular visits and talks this year, whether via your blog or bumping into you and your beloved on your walks or sharing our zoomer boomer skills 🙂 — love to you and Maureen, always— Heather


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