Admitted to Heaven

During my meditation

I gave permission

To all of my spiritual guides

To come and stand behind me

Immediately, guides were there

Then there were hordes of them

Pushing and shoving to stand

Around me

A great crowd arrived

And one said,

“they’re emptying heaven

To stand behind him”

And still more came

I was crying so hard now

And they lifted me up

And held me over their heads effortlessly

On hands of light

And passed me around

As if I was as weighed no more than a feather

It was the most beautiful thing

And I heard many shouting

“He’s back, come see, he’s back”

And heaven lit up

And I could feel it

They all loved me

Truly loved me

An overwhelming love

So beautiful

I never wanted to leave

I asked,

“Can I come home any time I want to?”

“Yes,” they said, “please come back”

And I asked,

“Will it be more vivid each time I come home?”

“Yes,” they all said.

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