This page contains information and links to products and services provided by folks I know and whose contributions to the world I value. It is likely to be quite diverse and I think you’ll have fun looking through it.

Here’s are some fabulous recommendations.


If you want to hear some wonderful music and connect to a fabulous performing artist. Her name is Maylin Pultar and she lives south of Paris, France. Please check her out at the following locations:, facebook:

I’m willing to bet you’ll enjoy it and I’m sure that she would appreciate your interest.


John A. Frederick is an ordained Interfaith minister and spiritual tour guide available for individual sessions and group discussions, coaching, speaking engagements, seminars, weekly or weekend retreats, book clubs, media interviews, and other events.

Drawing on more than thirty years of personal experience in his own life-journey, through twelve-step recovery, studying metaphysics, pastoral counseling, dream-work, prosperity teaching, and walking spiritual paths to physical healing, John has a true “rags-to-riches” story.

Starting in his teenage years, addictions slowly turned his life into one of desperation, loneliness, poverty, and hopelessness. Through the miracle of recovery and the discovery of metaphysical spiritual principles—spiritual laws that work in a practical way to heal past trauma, dissolve old ideas, and inspire new ideas and beliefs that are true and that work—John’s life made a 180° turnaround.

A successful author, now healthy after several life-threatening illnesses, and living his dream in Paris, France, John can help you find your way to wholeness, prosperity, and success. Through the principles laid out in Prosperity Now! you can discoverwhere your life has been, notice where it’s headed, discern where your goals and dreams lie, and make a roadmap to find your way to a new, better, more abundant and prosperous life!

Helping you discover your passion and the joy of living is John’s gift. In keeping with his motto, Vivez Joyeaux (Live Joyously) John’s insights and techniques will enliven any event, inspire any audience, improve any circumstance, and give new direction to anyone who wants to live in Prosperity Now!

If you are interested in this wonderful book, please click here:

Prosperity Now!: A 12-Week Journey to the Life of Your Dreams 

Prosperity Now!: A 12-Week Journey to the Life of Your Dreams by [John Frederick]

To connect with John, please use this link to his email:

And, to check out John on Instagram click here:


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