Here’s a listing of books I’ve published or are in the process of writing or publishing and a brief description of each one.

Little Buddha Book One

Little Buddha Book One  © 2017

Available through Amazon in paperback or Kindle

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Have you ever wished there was someone in your life who could answer some of your most challenging questions? Someone who shared their wisdom simply and yet in a way you could understand and benefit from? This book offers an opportunity to explore each story with a meditation, probing questions, and an enlightening project, all aimed at creating a deeper sense of spirit. Sam invites you to come along on his journey with her, his Little Buddha. Sam is standing on the beach looking out toward the ocean when he notices a small girl playing at the water’s edge. He’s baffled by her actions and feels driven to find out what she’s doing. He approaches her and asks her to explain. Her answers are simple and yet so profound. He wonders, how could someone so young know so much? He also wonders what more she knows because he has many questions about his life. He decides to ask her one. The answer he receives overwhelms him and he knows he’s found the mentor he’s always dreamed of.

Little Buddha Book Two

Little Buddha Book Two © 2018

Available through Amazon in paperback or Kindle

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This is the continuing story of Sam and Claire (Little Buddha) as they move deeper into their spiritual lives. Along with Claire’s Mom (Janine) and several new characters, including Claire’s best friend, Jamie and her cat, Schrodinger, they all create and experience many events which offer them valuable lessons about life and relationships.

Little Buddha Book Three

Little Buddha Book Three © 2019

Available through Amazon in paperback or Kindle

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In search of a personal divine connection, Sam decides to go on a vision quest and chooses Claire’s grandfather, Bright Sky, as his guide. To Sam’s surprise, Bright Sky leads him deep into the wilderness and leaves him there alone. Without any idea where he is, how to get home or how long his stay will be, Sam is forced to confront all of his fears. What he experiences during the course of his vision quest changes his life in ways he could not have imagined.

Little Buddha Book Four  © 2022

Available through Amazon in paperback or Kindle

As he travels home, Sam revels in the memories of his extraordinary vision quest and his divine meeting with Lia, a feminine presence of god. Little does he know just how important this new relationship will be for himself and his fellow passengers, as they seek her wisdom during a terrifying airplane ride.

The people Sam meets during his journey home share their powerful stories of love, courage, strength, and the infinite value of releasing their fears.

Join them as their adventure unfolds, ending in a special celebration and some wonderful and surprising news.

talking with (god)

talking with (god) © 2020

Available through Amazon in paperback or Kindle

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Are you longing for a pathway that leads you into a deeper spiritual relationship with (god), by whatever name feels right to you? If so, please consider using the simple process in this book to begin or enhance your personal intimate dialog with (god). Whatever you are experiencing in your life right now, whether you are joyful or challenged, talking with (god) can fill you with love and peace. Come see what others have found to be true, that there are many ways to discover your own personal profound truths. Included in the text there are numerous quotes from individuals who found valuable answers to their own questions, whether through writing, artwork, music, or a variety of other practices.

Nine, A Holy Week Story of Love © 2022

Available through Amazon in paperback

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I have always loved the Easter story and it touches my heart more deeply than any other story from the Bible. I feel connected to each person and sense their emotional and spiritual energy in ways my mind cannot comprehend. On Good Friday in 2018 I spent three hours, from noon until 3:00pm, standing, sitting and walking around the sanctuary of Unity Church in Albany (NY) with the hope that I would be able to connect spiritually and come to a greater understanding of the events surrounding Easter. I sensed a strength, peace and clarity and felt a ‘knowing’ arrive within me, as if I were present during that time. It felt intimate and real and I wanted very much to capture each of the stories so that they could be shared with the world. Over the next several weeks I received the words you are about to read. But more than the words, I received the beauty, grace and loving heart that was and is the center of each of these stories. I do not ask you to believe me. I ask only that you read the words and let them reveal to you what truth they have to share. There are two versions. The first is the story as I received it, with highlighted text to make it easier to see what was spoken. And the second is a version that can be used, should you wish, to perform this as a play or reader’s theater. I hope that these stories come alive for you and that the profound love Yeshiwa (Jesus) has for you flows into your heart. May it be so.

Cover 7x10

Witness of the Heart © 1990

Buy Witness of the Heart on Amazon

Where can you go to find peace in a world rapidly spinning out of control? For some, the answer is a faraway island, but the truth they discover is that all of the problems they hoped to leave behind came with them. They wonder, how do they start over and who will guide them to the place of peace they seek? Perhaps the answer is found in the community they begin together and in their shared vision of the future.

Other Books I know I will be writing:

Little Buddha Book Five

Little Buddha Back Story

Revelations of a Wayshower

Thoughts From A small Notebook

Song of Hope

Guardians of the Light

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