Chaos Transformed by Love

I look at the world today and see so much chaos. Fear seems to have taken deep root and manifested intense feelings that surface in disturbing ways. The air around us seems filled with worry, heart break and anger.

What can be done to help heal all of this?

For me, I realize I can not be at peace if I harbor animosity in my heart for another person. If I fail to see that we are one human family and that we are all made from the same love, then I am lost.

When I see the cruel and violent actions of others, I have to be able to distinguish between who they ‘appear’ to me to be and who they truly ‘are’. They are more than the show of their outward actions and beliefs.

Before I cast a stone in their direction, I have to force myself to realize they are no more who they ‘appear’ to be than I am. Beneath our surfaces, we are all a part of the one. All made from the same source of love.

What I am saying goes far beyond ‘acceptance’. If I am to help in the worlds healing in any way, I have to be able to live from a center of love. I have to embrace all of my own weaknesses and my wholeness.

None of this is about condoning the behaviors or beliefs of others that arose from their fear and hatred. Rather, it is looking beyond and seeing that all of their actions come from their separation from the truth. The truth of who they really are, beloved of (god).

If I want to experience more feelings of separation and dissonance in my life, the surest way is to believe myself separate from them or superior to them. I benefit from realizing that I have no idea what their lives have been like and what stories they’ve been told and come to believe about themselves and the world.

If I want to help heal the world, I know that I have to start with myself. And so, I ask for a shift in my focus and that I seek a sense of clarity. I ask to have my heart opened fully, so that I can understand the difficult paths others have chosen. I have to suspend my judgment and I have to listen carefully. And, as best as I can, I have to see the world through their eyes.

My task is to see and feel with a loving undivided heart, knowing I am part of the wholeness and the holiness, and see all others as the same. If I live with this kind of heart, I can be in the world, but not of the world.

For there to be any peace inside of me, the depth of my love has to be deeper than the depth of another’s fear. I need to see beyond their misperceptions and find something within them I can hold inside of me. I have to breathe into stillness, letting go of my fear, until I find my loving heart and some part of the truth that can serve as a guide toward understanding and peace.

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6 Replies to “Chaos Transformed by Love”

  1. Great reminder in these unsettling times. I’ve struggled with this lately and often feel like giving up on making the effort. Many issues seem so clear to me and I forget to think the ‘truths’ others hold.


    1. Love back to you Delanne and thank you for the positive comment. I really had to dive deep below the surface for this message. It feels very real to me and something important for me to remember.


  2. I recall a passage from Conversations With God, I can’t recall it exactly and can’t put my finger on it at the moment, but it essentially said people act they way they do based on their world view. They are doing what they believe is right. That can be a challenge to accept when we believe they are doing terrible things. How do we judge? Should we judge? I’m reminded in particular of the reactions White people have over the rioting by the Black community. The Black community is doing essentially what our forefathers did during the revolution. There was an excellent episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called “The High Ground.” In it, the leader of a resistance group says, “I am fighting the only war that I can against an intractable enemy.”


    1. Certainly challenging to see clearly about all of this isn’t it?
      This was the most important post I believe I’ve written. I hope that I can stay true to the heart of it.


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