Several years ago, I was attending a workshop at the Kripalu Retreat Center in Lenox, Massachusetts. Prior to beginning one of our class exercises, we went into meditation. Instantly, I was transported. Even though I was sitting among my classmates, I was as far away from them as I could possibly imagine.

I want to share my experience with you and the poem that formed inside me, because it brings us to the heart of a question I believe almost everyone has asked themselves at one time or another. Actually, maybe even more than one time.

Is there really a ‘heaven’?

Despite how you may have been brought up, you’ve probably heard many different opinions expressed about the nature and reality of heaven. And I suspect, about the uncertainty of whether there is such a thing. After all, what conclusive proof can anyone offer you?

In the end, it seems to become a matter of belief. But where does one’s belief come from? Do we accept what we are told by some religious or spiritual group? Or perhaps we favor a scientific approach or we seek an answer from some special faction within society?

Interestingly, I’ve been asked about my belief about heaven on many occasions. What I have to say usually comes as quite a surprise to those who ask.

I want to preface what I have to tell you by saying I honor everyone’s decisions and recognize it is always up to each of us what we choose to accept.

For me, I feel really ‘nudged’ to share what feels like the truth to me, because it’s changed the way I view everything. And maybe it will open a doorway for you, one that creates beauty and wonder and new possibilities.

When you read the poem, I’d like to ask a favor of you. I’d like you to place yourself within the poem, seeing and feeling everything that is being described as if it was happening personally to you. Imagine opening your heart fully and giving permission to (god) and to your spirit guides to come and be with you.

If you have someone who can read the poem out loud to you, that’s ideal because it allows you to stay in the moment. If no one is available to read the poem to you, I suggest that you read one line at a time, pausing to feel into the experience before moving on to the next line.

And now, the poem.

Admitted to Heaven

During my meditation, I gave permission to all of my spiritual guides to come and stand behind me,

Immediately, guides were there, then there were hordes of them, pushing and shoving to stand around me,

A great crowd arrived, and one of the beings said to another, “they’re emptying heaven to stand behind him”, and still more came,

I was crying so hard now, and they lifted me up, and held me over their heads effortlessly on hands of light, and passed me around, as if I weighed no more than a feather,

It was the most beautiful thing,

And I heard many shouting, “He’s back, come see, he’s back”, and heaven lit up,

And I could feel it, they all loved me, truly loved me, an overwhelming love, so beautiful, I never wanted to leave,

I asked, “Can I come home any time I want to?”, “Yes,” they all said.

I have so much more to say, so I’ll continue with more heaven in my next post.

I hope to see you then.

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8 Replies to “Heaven”

  1. Yes yes yes ., Rob.
    Your poem is clearly describing a heavenly experience. Sure sounds like heaven to me. What else could it be. Surrounded by spiritual guides in the millions and more, all so joyishly showering you with multiple layers of love.
    In my eyes mind , it was as if they were adding one blanket of love after another, and being surrounded and immersed in those loving blankets , hugging your essence so warmly and no wonder you would not want to leave.
    Yes, love is heaven and we need to hear it’s music and it’s calling and know that we are eternally safe and in this care forever.
    Hope , faith , heaven is here and there for each of us, for all of us.
    Great message as we welcome our President elect Joe Biden and Vice President elect Kamala Harris. Couldn’t resist.
    ☮️💟 Regina


  2. Such a precious moment, Rob! Thanks for sharing this. I have the feeling that we would all experience heaven the way you did once we open to acknowledge and RECEIVE the immense Love that enfolds us. Like grace, we dont earn this Divine Love, we simply acknowledge and receive it. O Happy Day!

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  3. A beautiful poem! A reminder that, no matter what, we are welcome in heaven.

    I’m also reminded of a song by Belinda Carlisle called “Heaven is a Place on Earth.” One of the lines in the song is: They say in heaven love comes first.

    If we choose love, then we create heaven on earth. Our spirit guides can be a great help in guiding and supporting is on that journey..

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  4. Why do we not accept our gifts? In my dreamI found several packages under the Christmas tree addressed to me! I turned my head away for a moment and when I looked back the gifts had all disappeared. There was a note under the tree that said, “You are not accepting your gifts”. Okay….when we accept the Heavenly treasures that are provided and feel gratitude for them, then we will experience Heaven.


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