Someone came before me and someone will come after me, so I am in between two sources of light. And, there are also those that surround me and overlap my life. They breathe and dream and offer themselves to the world, just like I do.

We are all a mixture and I wonder, what will my legacy be?

Perhaps this is a question someone older asks. Someone who has lived many years and pauses to reflect a bit. I am 68 years old and the idea of legacy has woven itself into me. It breathes through me and feels as though it gives more abundant life to what I share.

Legacy seems such a big word to me and I wonder if this is true. It suggests a summary of one’s achievements, especially those that can be passed along. A house, an investment portfolio, a business. A division of assets to the family.

But, it feels like so much more to me.

I ask myself, what am I sharing with the world right now? Does it make it a better, grander place? Do I extend outward or mostly sit back and receive, filling myself up?

And, is my life more beautiful because I am connected with the lives around me?

Have I absorbed enough to be able to pass on the beauty, fire and passion I feel inside? Have I taken on some of the qualities of those I love and passed them along, continuing their essence and placing their dreams into another generation of dreamers?

I realize that my personal legacy may not be important in the grand scheme of things, since I am just one of over a billion essences that have passed through this incredible world. But to ME, I am everything.

Are you not everything to yourself?

Is not every word and thought and action our legacy? Does it not speak for who we are in this world? We who want to be heard and we who hope to inspire others?

Are we not more than our grand accomplishments or the money we leave to others?

I believe it is so. I believe the daily acts we perform, the single beautiful moments we suspend in time and the silent gestures of love and compassion are our greatest legacy.

We are each a treasure chest for those around us. Filled with beautiful gifts beyond the value of gold and diamonds.

We are so powerful. We can offer hope and friendship. We can sit with the sorrows of others and, when they happen, we can celebrate their successes.

We can serve as a link, offering recollections of those who have gone before us and adding our own visions to the stories of those who will live beyond us.

What could be more beautiful?

So, what have I decided to do?

It is this…to claim my best, most authentic life. To live as consciously as I can, offering love, embracing joy and creating moments of celebration, for if I live my best life, I believe it moves out naturally into the world. It creates waves of energy that touch everything. I hope my energy flows and connects so that I become a part of all. What a divine legacy.

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4 Replies to “Legacy”

  1. Rob, I assume these might be thoughts related to your recent birthday? — Not sure I’ve got it right, but if I did miss it, Happy Birthday. As always, you go to the heart of making meaning of ideas that we often utter but don’t fully examine. Just this morning I was thinking about legacy, too — not with this word, but having a little sadness that I have no offspring to carry on my “legacy” or to surround me with a sense of continuance. My conversation with (g)od about this led me to examine all of the other “families” that I have touched and who have touched me — and I started to have the same feelings that you have expressed about the connectedness of our beings as we move through this world and toward the next. I have to believe that I have left little bits of me, of the love I have tried to share, in the people I have known, and that this will be legacy enough. I’m so glad your posted landed in my inbox today. Peace and blessings…Mary


    1. Thanks Mary for your wonderful comment and please let me personally assure you that you do have a beautiful legacy. I believe your legacy goes in all directions. You are woven into your siblings lives (no matter that one has moved beyond us), and all of us who are blessed to call you friend. You also live through your spoke and written word and through your beautiful artwork and through your heart. So glad this message connected with you and gave me the chance to offer you my gratitude and love…Rob


  2. Dear Rob!
    You put, so eloquently, into words all that we have pondered in our deepest thoughts and prayers.
    ….I was actually just having this very conversation with my childhood Bestlie as we were driving back from a 4 day, much needed reconnect. This was the topic of our 6 hour drive. How blessed am I to find your precious blog that I can now share with her to confirm the power of our Intentions! You always are right on target with your Soul-affirming words of Wisdom. How I Love you!!!💘 I am sharing your blog with many!


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