Memories of Heaven

Do you believe in the afterlife? The idea that there is a place where you go once this earth life is over. A life beyond death.

Have you ever wondered about the beforelife? About where you came from, before you arrived here on earth. A life before life.

I have.

In fact, I have distinct memories of heaven. A place of sheer bliss. I’ve never heard of or spoken to anyone else who has these memories. It’s almost impossible to share what it’s like because there are no words to describe it. Words fail because it is a feeling.

Only one tangible memory has stayed with me.

It is the ceremony that took place before I came to this earth world. I was surrounded by my closest ‘kin’. That’s a very important word to me.

To understand ‘kin’, imagine looking out at the ocean. Water everywhere your eye can see. Seamless. Completely one. Then imagine being able to use a fine eyedropper. You slide it into the water, squeeze the bulb and pull out one single drop.

This is you. This is your essence, taken from the vast ocean of bliss. Imagine holding the eyedropper and squeezing the bulb and watching that one single drop fall back into the ocean, again, one with bliss.

The place where that drop was taken and the place where it falls back in are surrounded by other essences. These are your ‘kin’. Your bliss-playmates, those who will connect with you in all of your lifetimes. You have made divine promises to each other. You have such love that you will play any part chosen, despite how it will look from an earth perspective.

Our earth framework makes it impossible to understand this because we need rationality. We expect everything to make ‘sense’ to us. We find it very challenging to accept that some of our most profound teachers appear as enemies. If we could shift and see clearly, we might recognize them as our closest kin, here to serve our lives.

It is these kin who surrounded me in heaven. They aided me in the creation of my spiritual blueprint. A blueprint my physical, emotional, intellectual and ego selves would not remember. Only my spiritual essence would retain this wondrous awareness.

At the end of the ceremony, I accepted what I call, ‘the great forgetting’, because carrying the awareness of heaven with me into the earth world would not allow me to fully experience the duality that exists here. I would know the truth and could not ‘experience’ the world.

I came essentially as a blank slate, ready to receive the world. I came as we all do, as a baby. If you have ever held a baby in your arms and starred deeply into their eyes, you’ll know they still remember the essence of heaven. There is something special about their gaze. A reminder of what lies beyond the veil that separates heaven and earth.

One discovery I have made while here on earth is that revelations are possible. Revelations of the truth. Of things I chose to forget, but now remember. A form of enlightenment, of shining light into the darkness. Of opening to my spiritual blueprint.

I believe that each of us has this same capacity.

I believe that our hearts are the pathway, and that love is our guide.

I realize this is a most unusual post, but it felt completely right for it to be shared now. I don’t know exactly why it chose now to appear, but I trust it and hope my kin will see it.

11 Replies to “Memories of Heaven”

  1. Beautiful post.
    Thanks for sharing this incredible experience, Rob.
    Yes, I have often read of other people having after life experiences, not before life. But maybe there are more who just don’t remember , like each of us.
    Currently our Friday spirit group is reading The Unwitting Mystic, by Mary Reed. She talks about going back to her moments before conception. Her essence out into the great stars and expanse of the Universe.
    And the forgetting makes sense, we would not be able to concentrate on this earth journey..
    Sorry , posting late, just read this.
    Thanks Rob, for your deep sharing.


    1. I always love hearing from you my friend and thanks for the kind words.
      Earlier in my life I found this awareness very challenging. In fact, I felt abandoned here. It took a long time for my shift into appreciation and at this point I feel an overwhelming desire to share about this, even though it took so long to commit this to my website and tell readers. I know that at some point in the future I’ll be writing a book, Revelations of a Wayshower, to share what I feel for me is the truth. You’ll surely be among those to receive it.


      1. Look forward to your wayshower revelation, as it will appear in print for your kin and all to read it, and perhaps even experience it. Thank you. ☮️


  2. Blessings my dear brother Rob! Wow! So awesome and beautiful and profound as we make the leap into this realm of duality. We are all Peaceful Warriors journeying back to our True Heart and True Home!! Thank you for being the Light to help us to Remember the Truth of who we ARE and what we are to and for each other! May we all choose our own heart and have the courage to remain in and live from as you are ❤️💕


  3. Aloha and Blessings Rob my “kin” ! Thank you for sharing this timely article on living from our hearts and understanding the deep connection we all are to one another. Mahalo for your blissful presentation of our true DIVINE nature and being!!! So grateful to be part of your “kin”, you are greatly appreciated and loved! ~ Sandra Lamb (I did once again attempt to receive your newsletter)


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