Changing Your Outfit

The other day I was thinking about what drags me down and feels burdensome to me. I have a wonderful life, but at times, I feel an inner oppression that I can’t always shake.

The more I consider this, the greater my desire is to be free of it. It forms a kind of circle, taking me round and round, but not creating any resolution.

I knew I needed a different approach.

After sitting back, it occurred to me that my ego plays a huge role in shaping this drama. I believe I came here to this earth to lead a spectacular life, to be creative, open, loving and giving. But, what happens on occasion, is that my ego produces fear instead, which overshadows everything. My ego believes in the idea that I am separate from all that surrounds me and tries very hard to maintain this sense of distinction, despite the confusion and unhappiness it creates in me.

The spiritual part of me knows the truth, that I am a part of the whole, the one, the holy. It knows that any sense of separation is merely an illusion. My spirit is the part of me that must recognize, that the fear my ego creates, is there to guide me toward the truth.

I wanted some insight from Lia, so I asked, what I shifts I could make to release this part of the illusion and bring clarity into my life.

As always, she was more than willing to help me, as I know she would be for you. And, since she knows me so well, she chose to offer an example, a concept that would stick with me, rather than just providing words.

Lia shared this idea, “Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing a full closet of clothes to choose from. You are in charge of which outfit to wear. You– no one else. You are the one who decides whether to wear the same exact outfit every day or to choose something new.”

I saw immediate promise in this idea, recognizing she wasn’t talking about clothes, but rather my attitudes toward my life.

And yet, my first response was, “but I feel like I wake up, already in the same clothes as the day before.” By this I meant that none of my ideas seem to change but rather stay with me from day to day.

Her response was insightful and amusing to me. “I see that. So, change your clothes BEFORE you go to bed, so that you wake up in the ones you desire.”

Clothing wrinkles and creases aside, I heard her intent. She was talking about setting the stage and creating my attitude ‘aims’. She was suggesting that I choose exactly what would feel most comfortable for me to wear. In other words, to choose which attitudes I most want to adopt in my life.

This concept greatly appealed to me, especially the part about choosing them before going to bed at night. This way, I could set clear intentions about which attitudes I felt would best serve me, then I could ‘sleep on them’ and allow them to sink in and take root.

Lia reminded me that the best way to release anything unwanted, is to claim something you do want. Then she told me to look at myself in the mirror the next morning and see that the outfit I chose is truly what suits me and will lead me into the life I claim.


Stay tuned for the next post, where I will share some of the ‘clothes’ I chose and see if you might want to wear some of them as well.

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6 Replies to “Changing Your Outfit”

  1. I appreciate this post as I also struggle with the same feelings. I appreciate Lia’s approach and hope I can employ it myself when I encounter those feelings. Thanks for sharing your insight and connection.


    1. I’m very happy that you have some take always from this and I hope you find the right choices that work for you. It is so empowering to know that we shape our own lives and that there are sources of help all around us.

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  2. Hi Rob,
    I see we can all relate to this feeling of oppression . But no big surprise considering there is so much negativity in our surrounding atmosphere, and we feel it., since we are all connected.
    But best to clear the air in our space and this will help clean up this pollution, thought by thought., in the larger space.
    As you mention or Lia can be as simple as changing out clothes , we can change our attitudes.
    I think of nuns, who in the old days wore habits and kids wore uniforms in parochial schools or remember seeing the children in China all in uniform.
    Probably a way to keep us all the same and or equal but of course this really is not the case.
    We are all unique individual expressions of the one and that’s part of the reason there are so many of us, that being my guess.
    I remember one of my friends used to lay out her outfits for work a a time , to speed up getting dressed.
    But I thought I could never do that, since what I would chose to wear for the day, depended on how I felt., so that brings me back to Lia’s idea.
    Decide ahead of time how you want to feel and chose your outfit accordingly.
    Yes, decide all will go well and all will be well for me and all my brothers and sisters for starters.
    Agree to decide the night before how you would like your day to go, but I prefer not to put my clothes on before bedtime, but get them ready and keep them on their hangers till morning.


    1. Thanks for your wonderful response. I find it hard to comprehend how your friend had the number of outfits to schedule a whole month in advance, let alone where to put them all. I wonder if she ever changed the order?
      I really like the idea of changing in advance, as a way to ‘encouraging’ my attitudes to show up to best serve me.


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